McManis – Petite Sirah – California 2006

 This got the GOLD award in the 2008 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition – It actually got a “double gold” whatever that means

I have drank several bottles of this and it does vary a little. The first I had was perfect, the last was a little sharp but all had a good boquet (smelt nice) and a pleasant finish (Nice after taste).

Anyway, I only see this at BevMo and it is currently running at $11.99

Wesite is at :

Murphy-Goode, Merlot, ??, ??

Again, no place and year details as bottle, and contents, have long gone. Very nice wine, however, I do have a feeling that this one can be a bit hit & miss. Maybe I should volunteer to get blathered on a few bottles of it over a number of different occassions in order to get a better sample distribution. It does seem to be a favourite with folks generally though. Worth a test drive, esp as under $ 40 cents. They all count.Unluckily at this stage we have not introduced a rating system and thus you have to just put up with our ramblings. And it wouldn’t be a fair rating system ‘cos we’d lie. 

Bogle, Chardonnay, Napa?, Year??

Sorry would have given more details on place and year but her-in-doors as thrown the bottle out. And very nice it was too. I like this Chardonnay as its got a nice creamy-buttery finish to it. (Similar to a Guenoc I once had… and still have one in the rack and will report on once drunk). A bit of room temp, as opposed to straight from the fridge, helps that as well. Priced at $9 at Sfwy. 

Rodney Strong, Cab, Sonoma, 2004

One of my favourites. It is up at the $13/14 rate (thats a lot for me) but well worth it. Hence why I buy, and drink, vast quantities of it. Very smooth with none of this over-powering blackberry, chocolate, haystack shit.  Currently (Feb 08) on my regular shopping list.

Robert Hall, Cab, Paso Robles, 2005

Ooh ‘er, Missus. Lovely little number this one. Smooth as something that is fairly smooth. Currently, as of end of Jan, its $12 at Safeway .. with the Safeway Stingy Card (accepted by all tight-arsed northerners). Good value. Even the Missus likes it.

Marques de Casa Concha – Syrah 2005 d.o. Puemo Chile

This was from one of the wine spectator mailings and was a 90 point wine (I’ll give my opinion on wine ratings  later…)

It’s a little pricey at $17.99 but worth it if you are looking for something special or are in a Syrah mood.

The company that makes this is Concha y Toro  and they have a variety of wines, some scoring big points at WS.