Martin’s Safeway 6 for October 2011

Okay – Well overdue – So time to get back on this:

Redemption Zin – 2007 dry Creek Valley – Well, you have to have a Zin and this one works well. A little less in yer face than the 7 deadly zins but a couple of bucks more – From Alexander Valley Vineyards who also produce Sin Zin

3 x cabs (because I am not predictable at all)

2008 Robert Hall – Paso Robles

2009 Ghost Pines – Sooma / Napa / Lake county A Louis M. Martini blended cab. – the do label other varietals and the brand has its own Ghost Pines website

2009 Chateau Ste. Michelle Indian Springs Cab. Sauv. – I always like to WA and OR a chance and Chateau Ste. Michelle produce a large variety of wines.

Now we get to the last 2 – A Cotes du Rhone, for when you get tired of the heavy handedness and a cheap reliable blend to stop your safeway 6 from crawling too far past $80

2007 E. Guigal – Cotes du Rhone – When you want to be reminded that French wine tastes different and the exchange rate is in our favor

2009 California Red Wine – Menage a Trois A guzzler from Folie a Deux – Open as second bottle of the evening (Or first if you are in alone). A good price wine that is widely available – Turned up as a 2 pack in CostCo the other week.

Anyone have any suggestions for Halloween Wine?




Seghesio – Zinfandel Sonoma County 2007

Had this one at Thanksgiving and fine it was – This came in at 93 points on the Wine Spectator scale and this month made number 10 on their Top 100 for 2008.

This is remarkable value at less than 20 bucks – $18.99 at BevMo and is flying out the door like hot cakes.

Described as “…a complex, seductive, pepper- and berry-laced Zinfandel” it was well worth it.


Chateau St. Jean, Merlot, Cal/Napa, 2004

What do you get when you cross a stingy git from Stockport and a wine shopping experience. Answer: Who knows! As it happens I have to give Glyn the benefit of this one as he found it and i’ve had a few bottles since. He did claim/hope that it was a $5 wine but in fact its selling at $8.99. Nevertheless its quite a good, drinkable wine and certainly good value..and thus a good buy. It is smooth and lightish which is better than some merlots which come over as a cross between sangria meets Vimto. ie, fruity. This is none of that rubbish and certainly doesn’t overpower your food… or crisps in Glyn’s case.

Kendall-Jackson, Zin, Cal, 2006-Vintners Reserve

Not usually a fan of the larger/commercial wineries but hey it was a bargain-ish.  $11 with the usual safeway 6 pack but $16 with real money (which I wouldn’t buy it for). Anyway, to the was OK actually. Quite smooth and gentle, as opposed to harsh and bitey. Very drinkable. Would put it into the “would drink it again” category but there are better wines out there for the same bish-bosh.

Pezzi King Zinfandel 2005 Sonoma County

This is a great Zin. Like the 7 Deadly Zins only more so. It’s available at BevMo(Follow the link to check the availability at your local one)

It’s moderately priced at $15.99 (That’s with the BevMo $2 off)

I first had this at Two for T’s birthday (She was drinking the A-Z Pinot Noir from Washington which was also good but that’s only available via BevMo on Geary, so little chance of me getting over there.) I liked the wine list and pastries at Two so probably good for dessert.

Anyway, I did an around the world shop at BevMo the other day, so the ones I lied I’ll try again and hopefully have some others for the site soon.

Que syrah syrah…

Just found Jepson on sale in TJ’s over the weekend,  $7.99 for their 2005 Syrah!  I highly recommend it,  a nice fruity (berry)  and robust red, perfect for just sitting around with friends, which is what we used it for on Sat night!  Might be my current fave……

McManis – Petite Sirah – California 2006

 This got the GOLD award in the 2008 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition – It actually got a “double gold” whatever that means

I have drank several bottles of this and it does vary a little. The first I had was perfect, the last was a little sharp but all had a good boquet (smelt nice) and a pleasant finish (Nice after taste).

Anyway, I only see this at BevMo and it is currently running at $11.99

Wesite is at :

Murphy-Goode, Merlot, ??, ??

Again, no place and year details as bottle, and contents, have long gone. Very nice wine, however, I do have a feeling that this one can be a bit hit & miss. Maybe I should volunteer to get blathered on a few bottles of it over a number of different occassions in order to get a better sample distribution. It does seem to be a favourite with folks generally though. Worth a test drive, esp as under $ 40 cents. They all count.Unluckily at this stage we have not introduced a rating system and thus you have to just put up with our ramblings. And it wouldn’t be a fair rating system ‘cos we’d lie.