Saintsbury, Pinot Noir Carneros 2007


Thought I would try a more up market pinot. I have had some of the saintsbury wines before and have enjoyed them (they are one of the wineries in the Press Club in San Francisco).

Now I am not the biggest Pinot fan, but this was disappointing. It wasn’t bad in anyway I was just hoping for something a little more exciting.

Anyway, will try another Saintsbury another day.

Kendall-Jackson, Zin, Cal, 2006-Vintners Reserve

Not usually a fan of the larger/commercial wineries but hey it was a bargain-ish.  $11 with the usual safeway 6 pack but $16 with real money (which I wouldn’t buy it for). Anyway, to the was OK actually. Quite smooth and gentle, as opposed to harsh and bitey. Very drinkable. Would put it into the “would drink it again” category but there are better wines out there for the same bish-bosh.