Jade Mountain Cabarnet Sauvignon 2007

This is a blended cab featuring grapes from Napa, Sonoma and Lake county The combined effect is quite a nice cab. Leans toward the old go to Rodney Strong Sonoma County. Anyway, something worth a try. Website http://jademountainvineyards.com I got mine from the canyon market.

Kendall-Jackson, Zin, Cal, 2006-Vintners Reserve

Not usually a fan of the larger/commercial wineries but hey it was a bargain-ish.  $11 with the usual safeway 6 pack but $16 with real money (which I wouldn’t buy it for). Anyway, to the wine..it was OK actually. Quite smooth and gentle, as opposed to harsh and bitey. Very drinkable. Would put it into… Continue reading Kendall-Jackson, Zin, Cal, 2006-Vintners Reserve

Rodney Strong, Cab, Sonoma, 2004

One of my favourites. It is up at the $13/14 rate (thats a lot for me) but well worth it. Hence why I buy, and drink, vast quantities of it. Very smooth with none of this over-powering blackberry, chocolate, haystack shit.  Currently (Feb 08) on my regular shopping list.

Alexander Valley Vineyards, Cab, Alexander Valley, 2005

Price has been varying on this one from $12-$14 at Sfwy. This is one of my regular buys and one that I take to dinner at other people’s places.. if I like them. Very nice finish; extremely pleasant and drinkable. Estate grown and bottled…but purchased in vast supermarkets. Where’s the romance?  

Robert Hall, Cab, Paso Robles, 2005

Ooh ‘er, Missus. Lovely little number this one. Smooth as something that is fairly smooth. Currently, as of end of Jan, its $12 at Safeway .. with the Safeway Stingy Card (accepted by all tight-arsed northerners). Good value. Even the Missus likes it.