Martin’s Safeway 6 for October 2011

Okay – Well overdue – So time to get back on this:

Redemption Zin – 2007 dry Creek Valley – Well, you have to have a Zin and this one works well. A little less in yer face than the 7 deadly zins but a couple of bucks more – From Alexander Valley Vineyards who also produce Sin Zin

3 x cabs (because I am not predictable at all)

2008 Robert Hall – Paso Robles

2009 Ghost Pines – Sooma / Napa / Lake county A Louis M. Martini blended cab. – the do label other varietals and the brand has its own Ghost Pines website

2009 Chateau Ste. Michelle Indian Springs Cab. Sauv. – I always like to WA and OR a chance and Chateau Ste. Michelle produce a large variety of wines.

Now we get to the last 2 – A Cotes du Rhone, for when you get tired of the heavy handedness and a cheap reliable blend to stop your safeway 6 from crawling too far past $80

2007 E. Guigal – Cotes du Rhone – When you want to be reminded that French wine tastes different and the exchange rate is in our favor

2009 California Red Wine – Menage a Trois A guzzler from Folie a Deux – Open as second bottle of the evening (Or first if you are in alone). A good price wine that is widely available – Turned up as a 2 pack in CostCo the other week.

Anyone have any suggestions for Halloween Wine?




Brian’s Safeway 6 for March

Right then here it is..the long awaited Safeway 6.

Now i’ve confused myself with whether this is a “6 different ones to buy” ie favourites or “what to put in your 10% 6-Pack this week”. Which will be the same as any other week ‘cos I’m not one for changing my mind. Anyway, as its my section I will comply to making the rules up as I go along. (I also thought I might have got some fancy league table and wine scoring mechanism for each entry but as I obviously didn’t ask Martin for it, I didn’t get it.) Note: There is no particular reason or logic behind the order of the list.

So 6 Different Ones to Buy:
1) Rodney Strong – Cab. (Price varies but generally in the 11-13 bucks range in your 6 pack) Best value in Safeways is my call.

2) Cameron Hughes – Zin. (Excellent value at the moment due to some strange “we’ve got too much stock” pricing. Only $9.98). This is smooth but still has a bit of bite. Good Zin for me; none of this too pepper/spicy/fruity gunge. Buy this now while its still cheap (as of 2/28/10).

3) Sebastiani – Pinot Noir. Fresh in this week (well, fresh into my trolley) and very nice and smooth. Price $10..get it now.

4) Enda Valley – Chardonnay. A nice little white wine for the girls. Actually from my Aussie days i’m partial to a bit of white now and then and this passes the test. Price currently (as I got one this week for my sister) $11. Good price.

5) Alexander Valley – Cab. (Again price varies but is in line with the above at $11-13).  Prefer the Rodney Strong but this is certainly a nice one for a change.

6) Ghost Pines – Cab. Yes I know, another Cab but for the sake of putting my 6 choices in and given that I need to go through all my saved “Liquor” receipts from Safeway to see what rubbish i’ve bought over the past, i’m bunging this one in as it is a very nice wine and is also appreciated by Martin .. hence second mortgage price of $15.39

Thats the 6 as of 17-Jan-10, more changes to arrive later when I need to remove all the text as it buggers the web page up.

Happy Supping.

Dropped from the initial list:
7 Deadly Zins – Zin (obviously). This is mainly for Martin as he his the Zin man but I need to look into these cos i’m not sure I can trust his judgement – and it means me drinking more in the name of science and reviews etc. Must be Martin’s fav as it comes in at the $15 range. He knows how to live it up.